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Air Curtains, FCUs, and AHUs

Air Curtains, FCUs, and AHUs

We are the Authorised Trading and Servicing Partners for VTS Group- manufacturer of technologically advanced devices for the HVAC industry – based in Europe (Poland).


WING is the new generation device created from a passion for a light and modern design representing characteristics of gliders. A minimal casing with a streamlined form of a wing that seems to float in the air. The diamond style side panels hide the excellent components in an innovative curtain body to set new standards for air curtains. WING combines the unique design and excellent efficiency to redefine the air curtain image.


VENTUS AHUs offer ready-to-install convenience in a compact, lighter-weight air handling package, featuring an innovative frameless casing design, free of thermal bridges and air leakages. In addition, the unit’s Plenum fan features a highly efficient motor with VFD and ensures silent operation thanks to innovative airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.

Building of any capacity - from restaurants, through trading centres to huge production plants. Operation in all climatic zones from -40°C to +70°C. All kinds of buildings - residential, commercial, industrial.